A Platform of Innovative Proprietary Materials
Biotectix is developing a new class of conductive polymer materials and coatings for implantable medical devices and sensors. A number of benefits are driven by this platform technology including improved electrical performance, biocompatibility, and tissue response.
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The technology addresses key limitations faced by the medical device industry including foreign body reactions, surgical invasiveness, component stability, and long-term electrical performance in vivo. The materials are custom-designed for the specialized mechanical, electrical, and biological environments of the body, providing an extremely high level of functional interfacing for medical electrodes.

Current & Emerging Applications

Our scientists regularly collaborate with technical leaders in the medical device industry and academia to evaluate the performance of Biotectix's proprietary conductive polymer technology for commercial and experimental devices. While our primary focus has been on applications in the fields of cardiac electrostimulation and neuromodulation, new and emerging therapeutic markets are also being explored. Please contact us to arrange a confidential discussion of your specific needs or application.

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